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Teach English Abroad

The Work Abroad Dream

Working abroad during the long university summer holidays or on gap years enables students to get away and earn money at the same time. Working abroad affords a fantastic opportunity to discover new … Read Full Article

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Best Summer Jobs Abroad

I don't know about you, but here on the East Coast spring is in full swing, and we have had days of  sunshine (and maybe a little rain here and there), which was just what we needed after a tumultuous winter. All of this sunshine is making me feel a little … Read Full Article

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Organization Spotlight: Awesome Work & Travel

This may or may not surprise many readers, but as a writer based in the United States, I tend to be much more familiar with US and Canada based international work and volunteer organizations than I am with those based in other countries around the world. … Read Full Article

Teach English in Thailand

5 Reasons to Work Abroad this Summer

2014 just flew by and here we are in 2015 full of hopes for the New Year - and maybe some new year's resolutions. Perhaps your resolution was to work abroad or volunteer overseas, but you don't know if you can do it - it might require having to leave a job or … Read Full Article