Magaluf – Is it the new Ibiza?

Mallorca (or Majorca as most Brits call it) is the largest of the Balearic Islands and along with its sister islands of Menroca and Ibiza, lies in the Mediterranean Sea off the south east coast of mainland Spain. Magaluf, on the south west side of the island is quickly developing a reputation as being one of the greatest party places on the continent. For years Ibiza was considered to be the best place to indulge in night time pleasures, however, over the past summers Magaluf has been closing the gap and could now be the number one destination for not only hedonistic holidays in club land, but also to work.

Work at a Club on Mallorca

Work at a Club on Mallorca

There are literally hundreds of bars, clubs and restaurants along the strip and they are constantly looking, if not relying on Brits to come over and work. After all, the majority of tourists are from the UK and who would understand a slurred, drunken order from a Brit than another Brit?

Don’t just rely on what I tell you, if you search the web today you will find dozens upon dozens of sites proclaiming that “Ibiza is dead! Long live Magaluf!” For instance, the BCM Club is the biggest in Mallorca and for one entrance fee you get three all-inclusive bars on 3 floors, which takes out the hassle of constantly handing over cash and queuing is a thing of the past. You also get lost of free goodies (we all love a freebie!) now, doesn’t that sound like a nightclub fit for a King?

Apart from this, quite literally amazing club in my opinion, there are lots of other venues that all offer a different twist on a night out. Consequently, there are lots of jobs, hundreds even, on offer in these places including; bar staff, cocktail waiters, dancers or promoters – whatever takes your fancy really. It’s essential though that you fully understand that these clubs stay open until the very wee hours of the morning. So, if you are the sort of person that takes on homicidal tendencies when you don’t get your eight hours, you may want to think twice about such jobs.

Of course, most people tend to adjust to working what is essentially a night shift, but you still have to be fully committed – it can be bloody hard work!

If you are not the kind of person that can handle booming trance and indie music in your eardrums for hours on end and would prefer a more sophisticated summer experience, Mallorca still has something to offer – Porti Pi. Picture a town that oozes class and distinct style, which is a playground for the rich and famous. Many celebrities have yachts moored in the summer months including apparently Peter Stringfellow (form an orderly queue ladies…thought not!)

The good thing about working in Porti Pi is that you can have the best of both parts of Mallorca. You can walk into Magaluf for a night as it’s walking distance away and enjoy the calming pace and tranquility of working in Porti Pi. If you have a nautical element to your CV you could look for work on yachts (maybe you’ll meet a celeb or two!). The good thing, if that interests you, is that they seek people at all times of the year – so you have far more choice when to work. If sailing isn’t in your blood and the prospect of boarding any boat instantly makes you want to projectile vomit, fear not, there are endless bars, restaurants, and rich families in need of nannies in and around the area of Palma Nova.